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Walking & Trekking in Chegaga Desert

Experience the tranquility of the Sahara desert by walking through the sand dunes near Ghazala Royal Camp, getting up early to see the dawn, and staying late to see the sunset. Participate in our Erg Chegag Sahara desert trekking activity to discover the vast Sahara desert and explore the oasis and lake.

The Erg Chegaga Desert's most luxurious camp, Ghazala Camp, is the ideal desert accommodation. Enjoy this desert experience and walk along the dunes of the Sahara with your nomadic local guide.

Activity Highlights:

  • Sahara desert erg chegaga
  • Walking on the dunes Chegaga
  • Explore the vast Sahara Desert.
  • Enjoy the tranquility of the Sahara desert of Erg Chegaga.

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