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Between ocean and land: discover Morocco differently

Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco is an amazing yachting destination, with thousands of treasures to discover in different ways on water and land. To make the most of it, charter a luxury yacht to go along its coastal cities and plan a few unusual excursions!

Prepare your yachting cruise

Before choosing a luxury yacht, do not hesitate to contact professionals who will provide you with a tailor-made service. Some yachting companies offer yachts for purchase or charter, of all sizes and designs. Choose the boat according to your itinerary and share your project with the crew to prepare your trip.

Discovering Berber port cities

Starting from the town of Oudja next to the Algerian border, sail towards Tangier crossing the Strait of Gibraltar that separates Morocco from Spain. One of the most touristic coastal cities is without a doubt Agadir, but before that, take the time to discover the best Moroccan resorts between Larache, Casablanca and Essaouira. From your yacht, you will be able to access magical and preserved places.

Organize your excursions from your yacht

A yachting trip offers more than just freedom. You adapt your itinerary according to your desires and can choose ports to make unusual excursions. Each region of the country has its particularities that are all worth discovering. Do not hesitate to call on local agencies to organize discovery tours in the desert, scuba diving and atypical visits which will undoubtedly dazzle you.